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Thursday, 26 November 2015


Being part of the community at LAMB, seeing lives changed whether through medical services, development, education or through being part of the community at LAMB providing these services is a blessing for which we cannot adequately praise God.

I am thankful for the protection God is providing as answer to your prayers and ours; whether by angels unseen or by those in uniform sent by the authorities in Bangladesh.

I am thankful for colleagues and friends whether at and around LAMB or further away. The contribution of the people lifting us up in prayer is invaluable; the funds provided by individuals, organisations and governments are important too.

I am thankful for the children who fill the school with laughter and joy; the colleagues who pour out their hearts for students, patients and so many others; the neighbours who support and make us feel part of the community, not just at LAMB, but the whole area; the partners as well as the 'competition' (private and government). There are so many people with similar desires for all to have abundant Life, and we are privileged to be allowed to be one small contribution to towards people having fuller lives.

Tonight I heard of a man who for forty years had refused to bow to pressure to abandon his wife who needed a procedure to stop her incontinence, a problem which would have made her very difficult to share a house with, let alone a bed. Today she had her surgery, and we won't know the outcome for a while yet.

Imagine, to be part of God's answer to someones hope of forty years.

God must love the people here.

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